Solution oriented engineer with hands on approach, uncompromising will to learn and “can do” attitude.


"E-Farm" GmbH 2016-02-01 — 2020-01-31

Software Developer / DevOps Engineer

Development and on-going support of various internal applications, assembly and management of a remote team


  • Assessment and evaluation of code and architecture
  • Introduction of various workflow improvements(Code reviews, version control, automation)
  • Troubleshooting and on-going performance optimization
  • Breaking up of a monolithic application into lean microservice based architecture
  • On-premise and cloud infrastructure maintenance
  • Live User data migration from legacy apps onto a new stack

"Analytic Dashboards" GmbH 2015-03-01 — 2015-08-01

Software Developer

Development of Software as a Service product. Including choice of technology stack, platform, setting up infrastructure, and developing new features.


  • Full Stack Development of SaaS product with MEAN Stack and Meteor framework
  • Automation
  • Code Reviews and management of two working students

UAB "JT Company" 2014-01-01 — 2014-12-31

System Administrator

Deployment and maintenance of servers, personal computers and peripheral devices. On-going maintenance, upgrades and deployments of client servers and workstations, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X workstations and Linux, Windows servers.


  • On-going maintenance, updates and assistance with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X workstations
  • Deployment and maintenance of Linux Servers
  • Education and implementation of basic security measures, such as firewalls, private networks
  • Configuration of Network Equipment
  • Component level electronics repair


  • Software Management and Packaging (deb packages, snapcraft, init systems)
  • Application building pipelines (npm, pip, makefile)
  • CI/CD and Configuration Management (CircleCI,, Ansible)
  • Troubleshooting and Tracing (ftrace, strace, tcpdump, perf)
  • Containers and Orchestration(docker, docker-compose, lxd)
  • Load Balancing and Caching Proxies (nginx, haproxy, traefik)
  • Log and dump analysis (awk, sed, grep)
  • Cloud Computing (aws, opennebula)
  • Scripting (bash, python)
  • Logging (timber, loggly)

Software Development

  • Software development(NodeJS, Python)
  • Version Control (git)
  • Message Brokers (kafka, rabbitmq)
  • On-going support and maintenance of legacy code bases (php, js, python)
  • Databases (mongodb, mysql)
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